Fugz the Farm Cat joins us for a Tulsi harvest

2015 Seeds now available
We carry seeds for medicinal & culinary herbsheirloom vegetablesstaple cropsflowers, & smoking tobacco.  We have more species of flowering Nicotiana than anyone else on the internet. Our  collection  ranges from the common to the rare, from the native to the cosmopolitan, and from the fussy to the facile.

All of our seeds are:

  • GMO-Free – We have never grown GMO varieties, and have not farmed within range of GMO crops that would cross with ours. We are signatories of the Safe Seed Pledge.
  • Open Pollinated – None of our seeds are hybrids. That means you can grow them out for seed yourself and they will come back true-to-type. Become a seed saver!
  • Organically Grown – Though not certified, we have always followed the National Organic Program standards. We know that treating ourselves well and treating the earth well go hand-in-hand.
  • Farm-Direct – grown by us, for you, with no middle-men.

We offer free shipping on all individually-sold seed packets to the Lower-48.

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All of our Seeds and Plant Medicines are Farm-Direct
Everything you find here was organically-grown and harvested by us or sustainably-gathered in the wild by us.  We also processed, tested and packaged everything ourselves. Other herbal merchants or seed-sellers are middlemen, buying from wholesalers or importers who in turn are procuring from still other sources, and the chain of responsibility can be labyrinthine and untraceable. Many herbs imported into the U.S. are irradiated! (Don’t worry, we don’t do that!) If you have any questions or concerns about Daggawalla seeds & plant medicines, we will have the answers ourselves because the buck stops with us. The best way to know what you’re getting is to go Farm-Direct!

To learn more our farming practices and philosophies, go to About Us.

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