About Us

Nikki Hill, with prize-winning cabbages

We have been farming in Cascadia since 2005. Our crops are “organically-grown”, which means we follow organic standards, but that we are not Certified Organic. We have chosen not to certify for a number of reasons, among them the expense and also philosophical differences with the National Organic Program standards, which are becoming increasingly watered-down by corporate interests. We are also so small-scale that we are officially exempt.

We do our best to be responsible stewards wherever we are, caring for the soil, and for the flora & fauna. We do not use pesticides or other poisons. We are water-wise. We choose crops that do not require extraordinary and unsustainable efforts to grow. Self-interest is also a motivator: the plants we grow and harvest are our own food and medicine, first and foremost.


Kollibri terre Sonnenblume, with apples for hard cider

Since 2005, we have farmed in a variety of locations in and around Portland, Oregon. We used to run CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) businesses in the city of Portland, where we were at the forefront of an “urban farming” wave that is still in its infancy there. [See this, this & this.] We grew produce and medicinal plants in front, back and side yards, and in unused public rights-of-way.  It was a good business for awhile, but eventually we found city life stressful, and wanted to shift away from such perishable products.  We had already been seed-saving and making plant medicine the whole time, and chose these two areas to focus on.  This project — Daggawalla — is the fruit of that labor.

We believe that plant medicine is effective, and that growing your own food is a key to health. We are excited to share our seeds and medicine with you.  Tending to our herbs with attention and focus, we know when to harvest at peak value. With our seed-saving, we have been selecting for traits such as hardiness, flavor, productivity and color. Fellow Cascadians might be especially interested in planting our seeds since they were grown here, but most of our offerings would also thrive in other areas.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our products, methods, or anything else.
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Nikki & Kollibri in the Redwoods, N. Calif.