Castor Bean, a.k.a. Palm of Christ – seed packet – $3.99Sold Out

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Castor Bean, a.k.a. Palm of Christ – seed packet

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

(Ricinus communisPerennial in the Euphorbia Family. Native to a tropical/sub-tropical band from the Eastern Mediterranean to India. Grown as an annual in the frosty North. Tall; can become a small tree. 5-8 ft. high in first year. Dramatic red leaves resembled the nail-pierced hand of Jesus to Medieval Christians. Castor oil is made from the seeds, which are highly toxic (the poison remains with the solids after pressing). Children have been known to die from eating just a few of them.

Cultivation & harvesting suggestions:
Start indoors up to two months before final frost, one seed to a pot. Transplant out only when weather has truly warmed. Space 3+ ft. apart. Provide compost, regular watering. Harvest seeds when pods dry.

Contains at least 13 seeds.