Matching Results: Farm Photos

2011: Insects & other Critters

Photo gallery of insects and other critters we encountered on the farm in 2011.  No cats are included here, as they have their own section.

2012: an Urban Herb Garden

This was our masterpiece planting for 2012. We took over the front, back and both side yards of a friend’s property for an ostentatious herb garden, full of our favorite treasures. Interestingly, the property is actually a tiny independent country named Weehooseland that seceded from the United States several years ago. We believe this garden […]

2013: Farm Photos

Photos from our four locations in 2013, in and around Portland, Oregon.

Smoking Tobacco

Photo Gallery of different varieties of Smoking Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) and Hopi Ceremonial Tobacco (Nicotiana rustica), at different stages, including flowering, harvesting & curing.