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How to Grow, Harvest & Cure Your Own Tobacco

Expert advice from daggawalla’s “Farmer Nic.” on how to achieve success with your tobacco seeds. [ Downloadable PDF ]

Pacific NW Winter Gardening Tips

Posted 3 Feb. 2013 by Kollibri The importance of Winter Gardening The concept of “winter gardening” in the Pacific Northwest gets a lot of lip service, but I haven’t seen that it’s very widely practiced. The lack of farmers’ markets at this time of year shows that not even the farmers do much of it. […]

Staple Crops report, 2008 & 2009 seasons

13 page report with tables & notes, plus 9 pages of captioned photos, on the 2008 and 2009 Staple Crops seasons for Sunroot Gardens CSA, which we ran in Portland from 2007-2010. Covers our experiences cultivating and harvesting quinoa, wheat, dry beans, flax, flour corn, and more.  Filled with facts, and an entertaining read. Staple […]