We boast the largest collection of Nicotiana species that you will find on the Internet, here at daggawalla! This selection is one-of-a-kind, and we hope to expand it in the future.

Nicotiana is a genus of over 70 species, native to the Americas, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and Africa. It is named for Jean Nicot, French Ambassador to Portugal, who presented some tobacco as a gift to Catherine de Medici, of the French Royal Court, in 1559. Although the most famous species is smoking tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum), many other species have been popular in gardens for their colors and scents, and because they attract hummingbirds. Nearly all species contain nicotine, a toxic alkaloid, and it is common to see dead insects on the sticky leaves. Some farmers have made a tea of tobacco leaves to use it as a natural insecticide.

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All Nicotiana species – 14 packet set

All Nicotiana species – 14 packet set$39.99

This is a One-of-a-Kind Offer that you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet. No other seed merchant offers this many different species of Nicotiana! Make a colorful, blossoming paradise for hummingbirds, bees, and your senses with this spectacular collection of flowering Nicotianas!  Contains fourteen seed packets:  All twelve Nicotiana species including both varieties of N. alata, both varieties […]

Australian Coast Nicotiana – seed packet

Australian Coast Nicotiana – seed packet$2.99

(Nicotiana maritima) Annual. Wild tobacco native to Australia. Small white flowers. To five feet high. Rare. Planting suggestions: Press tiny seeds onto surface of already-moistened soil. Keep pots in a water-filled tray in a sunny, warm location. Avoid surface watering until germination, except with a mister. After first set of true leaves have sized up, […]

Big Love Wild Tobacco  – seed packet

Big Love Wild Tobacco – seed packet$4.99 Sold Out

(Nicotiana bigelovii) Annual in the Nightshade Family native to California. Rare. Wide, arrow-shaped leaves, roundish white tubular flowers. 24-48” tall. Attracts pollinators. Historically smoked by indigenous people of California. Drought-tolerant. Planting suggestions: Average garden soil is sufficient, but like all plants in the Nicotiana genus, responds enthusiastically to nitrogen, such as manure. Full sun. Start […]

Blue-Pollened Nicotiana – seed packet

Blue-Pollened Nicotiana – seed packet$2.99

(Nicotiana langsdorfii x alata) Annual from Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. The most striking flowers we have seen on any Nicotiana: chartreuse green, in tubes that becomes suddenly bulbous and flare out widely, revealing anthers covered with blue pollen. Plant grows to three feet in height. Leaves reputedly smokeable. Note: Formerly listed as “Huichol Nicotiana (Nicotiana langsdorfii)“; […]

Ceremonial Tobacco, “Ancient” – seed packet

Ceremonial Tobacco, “Ancient” – seed packet$3.49

(Nicotiana rustica) Annual or short-lived perennial in the Nightshade Family, native to Central America. Rare. Leaves are roundish, and slightly concave, like shallow bowls. 18-36” tall. Flowers stout, tubular and yellow. Indigenous people found it evocative of the feminine, and smoked it. Nicotine content higher than Smoking Tobacco (Nicotiana rustica); can be much higher. We […]

Ceremonial Tobacco, Hopi – seed packet

Ceremonial Tobacco, Hopi – seed packet$2.99

(Nicotiana rustica) Annual or short-lived perennial from Ecuador and Bolivia. Flowers barrel-shaped and yellow. Leaves roundish and concave, like shallow bowls upturned. Grows to 3 feet high. In the late 1800’s, this was the plant that Eastern Europeans grew for smoking tobacco, rather than a variety of Nicotiana tabacum. The evocation of the feminine by […]

Cimarrón Nicotiana – seed packet

Cimarrón Nicotiana – seed packet$6.99

(Nicotiana solanifolia) Perennial in the Nightshade Family, native to Chile. Very rare. Thick leaves are oval with wavy edges. Bright-yellow, trumpet-like flowers. Blooming starts second year. 24-60” tall. Hummingbird attractor. We are thrilled to be offering this striking, shapely Nicotiana, one of the most beautiful we have seen. We know of only one other online […]

Cream Splash Nicotiana – seed packet

Cream Splash Nicotiana – seed packet$2.99

(Nicotiana langsdorfii) Planting suggestions: Annual in the Nightshade Family. A cultivar of a plant native to Brazil. Leaves variegated. Flared tubular flowers an almost startling color of chartreuse with blue pollen. Quite a striking addition to a flower garden. Hummingbird attractor. Drought-tolerant once established. Contains at least 50 seeds. Packed for 2015.

Fairy-plant Nicotiana – seed packet

Fairy-plant Nicotiana – seed packet$2.99

(Nicotiana incognita) Annual. “incognita” simply means “unknown” because we are not sure what species this is. Our best guess is that it’s Nicotiana texana, since its general morphology is very much like Nicotiana rustica, but with narrower leaves that are almost triangular, and  flowers that are not as barrel-shaped, though still yellow. Has a fairy-plant […]

Fragrant Cloud Nicotiana – seed packet

Fragrant Cloud Nicotiana – seed packet$2.99

(Nicotiana alata) Annual or short-lived perennial from Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. Flowers are white and do not emit fragrance until after nightfall, and when they do, they are perfumey-sweet, making a fragrant cloud indeed! Blossoms can close during the day, even appearing finished, but will open again after the sun sets. Attracts night pollinators such […]

Lavender Cloud Nicotiana – seed packet

Lavender Cloud Nicotiana – seed packet$2.99

(Nicotiana alata) Annual or short-lived perennial. “Lavender Cloud” is our name for what appears to be a variety of Nicotiana alata. Flowers are lavender instead of white, but emit the same “fragrant cloud” of perfumey-sweet scent after dark. Attracts night pollinators such as hawk moths. Flowers continuously until the frost. To five feet high. Planting […]

Many-flowered Nicotiana – seed packet

Many-flowered Nicotiana – seed packet$2.99

(Nicotiana acuminata) – Annual in the Nightshade Family, native to Chile. Small white flowers. To five feet high. Foliage smells like Tomatoes. Rare. We originally acquired seed for this plant from a Chilean source, and are one of the few purveyors in the Northern Hemisphere. Cultivation & harvesting suggestions: Press tiny seeds onto surface of […]

Marshmallow Nicotiana

Marshmallow Nicotiana$2.99

(Nicotiana mutabilis) Annual from Brazil. Unusual in the plant kingdom, it produces flowers in three different colors on the same plant: pink, white & lavender blossoms float together above this winnowy creature. “Marshmallow” must refer to its sweetness of appearance, since – like all Nicotianas – it is poisonous. To 4 ft. tall. Planting suggestions: Press tiny […]

Peach Screamer Nicotiana – seed packet

Peach Screamer Nicotiana – seed packet$3.49

(Nicotiana glutinosa) Annual from the Andes. “Peach Screamer” is our own name for this species; the peach-colored, bell-shaped flowers have wide openings that look like screaming cartoon mouths. These attractive blossoms grow on spikes until the frost. To 3-feet tall. Planting suggestions: Press tiny seeds onto surface of already-moistened soil. Keep pots in a water-filled […]

Tree Tobacco – seed packet

Tree Tobacco – seed packet$3.49

(Nicotiana glauca) Perennial from Argentina. This is a bona-fide tree – can grow to 30 feet high. Unlike other Nicotianas, leaves are smooth, not sticky. Unusual flowers are bright banana-yellow tubes with crimped openings – like a plastic component you’d pick up at Radio Shack. Planting suggestions: Press tiny seeds onto surface of already-moistened soil. […]

Woodland Nicotiana – seed packet

Woodland Nicotiana – seed packet$2.99

(Nicotiana sylvestris) Annual or short-lived perennial from the Andes.  Long white blossoms hang down in pendulous clusters and emit a heady-sweet jasmine-like fragrance. Flowers continuously until the frost.  Grows to seven feet high.  Leaves are large, oblanceolate, and cure well for smoking. Also known as “Only The Lonely”. Planting suggestions: Press tiny seeds onto surface […]