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Finisia Medrano, aka “Tranny Granny”

Finisia Medrano, aka “Tranny Granny”, is a Shoshone elder who still practices The Hoop, an ancient migratory way-of-life in which wild food sources are seeded, cultivated and harvested in different regions, following the seasons, with no permanent year-round home. We have had the pleasure of making Granny’s acquaintance, and want to point people toward her […]

Links to information on growing herbs & veggies

Horizon Herbs Based in Williams, Oregon, Horizon is the best place we know of for medicinal herb seeds, plants, and growing information.  Their website is chock-full of useful advice, and the books by their founder, Richo Cech, are among our most thumbed-through.  Recommended is The Medicinal Herb Grower Vol. 1 and Growing At Risk Medicinal […]