Catnip, Official – seed packet – $2.49

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Catnip, Official – seed packet

(Nepeta catariaShort-lived hardy perennial in the Mint Family. Beloved by many a cat for its stimulation, and by many a person for its sedative effects. Grey-green, slightly wooly foliage. Spikes of speckled white musky flowers, to five feet high.

Planting suggestions: Sow directly in the garden in early Spring, or in flats to transplant. Protect from feline predation until sized up, if necessary. Will self-sow freely. If stalks are not cut down before winter, finches will feast on the seeds.

Contains at least 200 seeds. Packed for 2016.

Hunter, of Sea Mist Farm, enjoying Catnip

Hunter, of Sea Mist Farm, enjoying Catnip