Ceremonial Tobacco, Hopi – seed packet – $2.99

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Ceremonial Tobacco, Hopi – seed packet

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

(Nicotiana rustica) Annual or short-lived perennial from Ecuador and Bolivia. Flowers barrel-shaped and yellow. Leaves roundish and concave, like shallow bowls upturned. Grows to 3 feet high. In the late 1800’s, this was the plant that Eastern Europeans grew for smoking tobacco, rather than a variety of Nicotiana tabacum.

The evocation of the feminine by this plant was noticed by First Nations peoples, and can be seen by planting her next to her brother, Smoking Tobacco (Nic. tabacum). In the pipe, she is much stronger than he is; effects can be mildly psychoactive.

Planting suggestions: Press tiny seeds onto surface of already-moistened soil. Keep pots in a water-filled tray in a sunny, warm location. Avoid surface watering until germination, except with a mister. After first set of true leaves have sized up, thin to one plant per pot and transplant out. Give plants rich soil, water, and full sun. Can container-grow in a 5-gallon bucket.

Contains at least 500 seeds. Packed for 2016.

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