Chard, Stumptown Coffee™ blend – seed packet – $3.49

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Chard, Stumptown Coffee™ blend – seed packet

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

(Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla var. Probatis) Biennial in the Goosefoot Family. In our breeding experiments, we have been attempting to select for orange-colored stalks.  At this stage in the project, we are getting reds and yellows, too.  This is called the “Stumptown Coffee blend” because we only harvested from our breeding patch for the awesome baristas at the Division Street Stumptown Coffee shop in Portland, down the street from the “Firepit Garden” where it was growing.  They were big fans, and we appreciated the hairbending trades.

Planting suggestions: Direct seed around the time of the last frost, through early Summer. Thin to 18-24 inches apart. Flowers and sets seed in second year. If you haven’t let chard go to seed before, do it; the result is a very ornamental plant, up to 3-feet high, often with interesting twists in the bolting stem.

Contains at least 50 seeds. Packed for 2015.