Compass Plant – seed packet – $2.99

Compass Plant – seed packet

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

(Silphium laciniatum) – Perennial in the Aster Family. Native to the North American prairies. Named “Compass” because “they tend to align their foliage North – South to present the minimum surface area to the hot noon sunshine” (ref.). We have not noticed this tendency yet! Takes at least two years to bloom.  Bolting stalk can reach seven feet in height.  Blossoms are bright yellow, blooming in sequence. Impressive, statuesque plants when they hit their stride. Might need staking to keep them upright. Leaves used medicinally to treat lung ailments. Compass plants are tough: they are hardy down to -40F, and their roots can dig down 14 feet into the ground!

Cultivation & harvesting suggestions: Direct-seed or sow in flats in early Spring. Don’t wait too long, as the seed prefers some cold-stratification. Soil type can vary, and doesn’t need to be rich. Give full sun and moisture. Give two foot spacings to each plant.

Contains at least 25 seeds. Packed for 2016.