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Dandylion – seed packet

(Taraxacum officinales) Perennial in the Aster Family, cosmopolitan in distribution. Rosette of long narrow leaves, 6-18” in radius, with flowering stalks 6-18” tall. One of the single most useful plants on Earth: Edible greens provide food during the late Winter/early Spring hunger-gap; roots are a detoxifier of the liver that make a fine coffee-additive/substitute when dried & roasted; white latex in stems allegedly treats warts; blossoms make an exquisite white wine that instructs the palate on the sublime distinction between “sweet” and “flowery”. The War on the Dandylion is one of the most misbegotten and pointless struggles in the U.S.A. (which is saying something). Buck the trend, and say “Yes” to Life. Drought-tolerant.

Planting suggestions:
Thrives in poor soils, including whatever fills the cracks in the sidewalk. Really busts out in fine garden soil. Full sun. Direct-sow from late Fall to early Spring. Expect extended germination period. Thin to 12” apart. Plant in absolutely straight rows so your neighbors know you mean it. Harvest greens in early Spring and late Fall, 2nd year or older roots at the same time, and flowers around the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.

Contains at least 100 seeds.