All Nicotiana species – 16 packet set – $39.99Sold Out

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All Nicotiana species – 16 packet set

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This is a One-of-a-Kind Offer that you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet. No other seed merchant offers this many different species of Nicotiana!

Make a colorful, blossoming paradise for hummingbirds, bees, and your senses with this spectacular collection of flowering Nicotianas!  Contains fourteen seed packets: Australian Coast Nicotiana, “Big Love” Wild Tobacco, Blue-Pollened Nicotiana, Cimarrón Nicotiana, Coyote Tobacco, Cream Splash Nicotiana, Fairy Plant Nicotiana, Fragrant Cloud, Lavender Cloud, Many-Flowered Nicotiana, Marshmallow Nicotiana, Peach Screamer, Tree Tobacco, Woodland Nicotiana (aka “Only the Lonely), Hopi Ceremonial for N. rustica and “Red Russian” for N. tabacum. Every plant except Blue-Pollened Nicotiana is open-pollinated, so you can save the seed. N. alata and N. langsdorfii can cross with each other.

Price represents a discount of over 25% Off