All Smoking Tobacco seeds – 12 packet set – $19.99

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All Smoking Tobacco seeds – 12 packet set

Kick the corporate cigarette habit by growing your own tobacco!  This collection contains twelve packets of seed:  Ten varieties of Smoking Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum):  Pedro’s Cuban, Scherazi, DogonSmall-stemmed Black Mammoth, Bafra, Baiano, Kentucky Burley, Virgina Gold, Red Russian & Black Sea Samsun. Plus the Hopi Ceremonial Tobacco (N. rustica) and the Woodland Nicotiana (N. sylvestris).

See which do the best in your area, both for cultivating and for curing.  In the Pacific Northwest, for example, Scherazi and Dogon are easier to cure than the other two Smoking Tobaccos.

Price represents a 40% discount!

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