Fennel, “Reed Rescue” Bronze – seed packet – $2.99Sold Out

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Fennel, “Reed Rescue” Bronze – seed packet

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

(Foeniculum vulgarePerennial in the Umbel Family. Prized as a culinary herb for its feathery foliage, flavored like anise, and its aromatic seeds. The seeds are also medicinal, for aiding digestion and alleviating intestinal gas. Bronzy-green. To six feet high. Very hardy and elf-sows freely. Our Bronze Fennel patches come from plants we rescued from the vibrant community garden at Reed College (Portland, Ore) that was ruthlessly demolished to make way for new dorms a few years back.

Cultivation & harvesting suggestions: Direct seed in early Spring. Thin to at least 12 inches apart the first year.  Second- and third-year plants can get much larger, needing 2-3 foot spacing.

Contains at least 250 seeds.