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Green-flowered Nicotiana – seed packet

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(Nicotiana knightiana) Annual or short-lived perennial originally from the Peruvian coast. A favorite in British flower gardens. Blossoms are tube-shaped with a ruffled opening and are entirely green. Flowers continuously until the frost. Hummingbird attractor. Grows to seven feet high and would make a good back border. Cured leaves can be smoked and have a flowery-flavor.

Planting suggestions: Press tiny seeds onto surface of already-moistened soil. Keep pots in a water-filled tray in a sunny, warm location. Avoid surface watering until germination, except with a mister. After first set of true leaves have sized up, thin to one plant per pot and transplant out. Give plants rich soil, water, and full sun. Can container-grow in a 5-gallon bucket.

Contains at least 200 seeds.