Klip Dagga – seed packet – $2.99

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Klip Dagga – seed packet

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

(Leonotis nepetaefolia) Annual in the Mint Family from India and tropical Africa. Also known as “Cordao” and “Shandilay”. Utterly fantastic inflorescences of bright orange flowers erupt from prickly globes on tall spikes, up to six feet high. Attracts hummingbirds, whom we witnessed fighting each other for the nectar. Blossoms resemble a lion’s tail, hence “Leo”. Light green leaves shaped like catnip foliage, hence “nepeta” (the genus of Catnip). Leaves and flowers can be smoked, tinctured, or made into tea for a mildly intoxicating effect. Reputedly addictive.

Planting suggestions: Start inside at least six weeks before final frost date. Pot up as necessary before transplanting out. Give full sun, rich soil, and water. Harvest flowers as they fall off, leaves as the plants can spare them. Pick clean just before first frost, as this plant will not take a chill.

At least 100 seeds per packet. Packed for 2016.