Lemon Balm – seed packet – $2.99

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Lemon Balm – seed packet

(Melissa officinalis) Perennial in the Mint Family, native to Europe. Bushy, 2-3′ high. White flowers loved by bees. Popular as a beverage tea, hot or iced, and as a calming medicinal gentle enough for children. Also tasty and relaxing to smoke. Drought-tolerant once established. Self-sows readily.

Planting suggestions: Poor soils acceptable, including heavy clays. Part sun to part shade. Can be direct-sown weeks before and after the Final Frost. Also can be sown in flats and set out after it has 2-3 sets of true leaves. Space 12-18” apart. Harvest leaf tips throughout season. As a mint, will produce two new shoots from each pruning. Flowering top harvest is strongest for medicine and flavor.

Contains at least 200 seeds. Packed for 2016.