Links to information on growing herbs & veggies

Horizon Herbs
Based in Williams, Oregon, Horizon is the best place we know of for medicinal herb seeds, plants, and growing information.  Their website is chock-full of useful advice, and the books by their founder, Richo Cech, are among our most thumbed-through.  Recommended is The Medicinal Herb Grower Vol. 1 and Growing At Risk Medicinal Herbs.  His book Making Plant Medicine is a constant reference when we are processing tinctures, harvesting fresh herbs, etc.  We send feelings of loving graciousness Richo’s way, for all he has done to help medicinal herb growers and medicinal plants.

Territorial Seed Company
Originally founded by Steve Solomon, author of Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades.  We often referenced their per-vegetable guides (which appear online and in their print catalog) when we were learning to grow food in Cascadia.

Johnny’s Seeds
The “Growing Info” section on each seed variety is another excellent source of information for deciding planting dates, distances, etc.  As a seed company, they offer high quality, though they have fewer heirlooms and more hybrids in their selections than we prefer.  Their target is the professional market gardener, though, who might prefer the hybrids.