Motherwort – seed packet – $2.99

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Motherwort – seed packet

(Leonurus cardiacaPerennial in the Mint Family native to Central Asia. A clump of serrated, palmate leaves sends up flowering stalks, 3-5 ft. tall, with one specimen of ours reaching 10 ft.! This batch of seeds includes those impressive genetics. Purple blossoms turn into bristle-y seed pods. Medicinally, used to alleviate symptoms of menopause, and other female reproductive concerns.

Cultivation & harvesting suggestions:
Direct seed around the time of the last frost, or start indoors earlier than that and transplant out. Thin to 18-24” apart. Full sun, moderate-to-low watering. Not particular about soil type. Harvest foliage & flowering tops as blooming begins. Dried seed-heads left in garden provide food for finches.

Contains at least 200 seeds. Packed for 2016.