Mullein, Greek – seed packet – $2.99

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Mullein, Greek – seed packet

(Verbascum olympicum) Triennial in the Figwort Family, native to the Mediterranean. Low-rising rosette of fuzzy, pointed, wavy-edged grey-green leaves spreads out to 24-36” in radius by second year; blooms in third with truly spectacular, many-branched candelabra, 5-8′ tall, covered with hundreds of yellow flowers. Pointy-snouted weevils use as high-rise apartment, to no apparent harm. Medicinally, leaf is used for lung health as tea, tincture or smoked. Flowers are transfused in oil to make drops for treating ear infections. Entirely drought-tolerant.

Planting suggestions:
Thrives in poor soils, including heavy clays; rich soil produces magnificence. Full sun. Direct-sow from late Fall to early Spring. Thin to 24-36” apart. Harvest leaves when plant has sized up, starting with older ones on outside and allowing younger inner leaves to grow. Harvest flowers by gripping inflorescence in a loose fist and pulling up toward the tip, over a bowl to catch the petals that fall off. Or glean the flowers that fall off and collect on the large leaves.

Contains at least 500 seeds. Packed for 2016.