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Oats – seed packet

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

(Avena sativa) – We originally acquired Oat seeds in 2005 from some oat straw bales we were using in a Portland garden.  We didn’t know what kind of grass was sprouting from the spread-out bales until an herbalist friend visited, and was thrilled to identify the grass as oats.  She asked to harvest them at the “milky” seed stage, and informed us of their medicinal value as a nerve tonic.  Since then, we have been big fans of Milky Oats medicine, and have grown some out every year.  This packet is enough to get you started on building a bigger seed stash of your own

Planting suggestions:  Sow from early to late Spring.  Can germinate and grow well before the last frost date.  Can overwinter in some areas, if seeded in November.  For medicine, harvest the tops when a milky juice flows from the seeds when their outer coating is broken with your fingernail. For seed, or for eating, wait until the plants have dried up and turned brown. Seeds can be harvested into a basket or bucket by grasping the head below the seeds and pulling up, squeezing tightly with your fingers. Or cut the the tops and thresh and winnow.

Contains at least 100 seeds. Packed for 2015.