Oshalla, aka Colorado Cough Root – seed packet – $1.49Sold Out

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Oshalla, aka Colorado Cough Root – seed packet

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

(Ligusticum grayiPerennial in the Umbel Family. Native to the Western U.S. Fern-like foliage with white flowers. Grows 8-30” tall. Tap-root grows at least that far down. Beneficial for lung-health. Historically used by the Atsugewi Indians before they were driven away to reservations. This seed was wild-crafted in the Siskiyous.

Cultivation & harvesting suggestions:
Direct-sow late Fall to early Spring. Sun to part-shade, moisture. Soil well-drained, even pebbly. We found it growing in very rocky ground, mostly among bracken fern, in an area that had experienced a forest fire a decade earlier. Harvest of roots should wait until at least third year.

Contains at least 100 seeds.