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Parsley, Flat Leaf – seed packet

(Petroselinum crispum var. Italica) Biennial in the Umbel Family, native to the Mediterranean. Also known as, “Italian” parsley. Popular. Makes clump of powerfully flavorful greens first year, blooms and sets seeds second year. Seeds are a cooking spice. Roots used in soups. Pollinator attractor. Drought-tolerant once established.

Planting suggestions: Regular garden soils sufficient; can tolerate clay. Full sun to part sun. Direct-seed or start in flats as early as 2 months before the Final Frost, as late as 2 months after. Can also be container gardened. Harvest older stalks before they fade, from around edges of plant. Seeds are ready when brown and easily rubbed off umbel.

Contains at least 200 seeds.