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Salsify – seed packet

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

(Tragopogon porrifoliusBiennial or short-lived perennial in the Composite (Aster) Family. Also called “oyster plant” as some people find the flavor of the roots to be similar to the mollusc.  Roots can grow over a foot long.  Foliage is also edible.  Flowers in second year with beautiful purple or white-ish purple flowers that turn into dandelion-style heads when mature.  We originally acquired seed for this plant from Franchi Sementi, the Italian seed company.

Planting suggestions: Direct seed early to late Spring. Soil should be well-worked, deeply, so roots will grow well.  Takes some time to size up so don’t plant too late! Moderate watering should be sufficient. Harvest from late Autumn through Spring. Like Parsnips, the flavor of Salsify improves with a few frosts, becoming sweeter. Will overwinter in the garden. In colder areas, mulch heavily to achieve this.

Contains at least 100 seeds.