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Santolina, Grey – seed packet

(Santolina chamaecyparissus) Hardy perennial in the Aster Family, native to the Mediterranean. Also called, “Lavender Cotton”. Low-lying woody shrub with grey fuzzy leaves, 8-18” tall, with sprawling habit in maturity. Globular yellow inflorescences. Sometimes trimmed neatly as part of a “knot garden”. Lovely companion to Green Santolina, Cardoon, and Wormwood. Entire plant highly aromatic. Dried Santolina has been kept in drawers with wool clothing & blankets to discourage moths. A worm expellant. Highly drought-tolerant once established.

Planting suggestions: Well-drained soil. Full Sun. Slow to germinate, so start in flats so you can keep track of it. Give plants 6-12” spacing first year, 12-24” in later years.

Contains at least 100 seeds.