Snapdragon, Elaine’s Incendiary mix – seed packet – $3.49

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Snapdragon, Elaine’s Incendiary mix – seed packet

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(Antirrhinum majus) Perennial in the Figwort Family, native to the Mediterranean. 18”-36” tall. Dragon-shaped blossoms that snap their mouths when the flower is squeezed are a favorite of children. Pollinated by bumblebees. This explosive mix features fiery shades of reds, oranges and hot pinks. Named after Elaine Close, who likes fire, and in whose garden-nation this mix grows. No irrigation needed once plants established.

Planting suggestions: Can take poor soil. Direct sow in the garden around the time of the Final Frost. Thin to 12” apart. Remove finished flower stalks to encourage more blossoms.

Contains at least 50 seeds. Packed for 2015.