Sorrel, Garden – seed packet – $2.99

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Sorrel, Garden – seed packet

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(Rumex acetosa) Perennial in the Amaranth Family. Both culinary and medicinal. Leaves have sour, astringent flavor, making a good addition to spring salads. Steamed lightly, they complement a variety of cooked dishes. The French make a sorrel soup. Best harvested in spring and fall.  We discovered this delightful plant in 2004, while urban-farming in Portland, when a friend who lived in a apartment asked us to grow it for her.  We loved it immediately and take this chance to show our appreciation publicly: “Thanks, Josie!”

Planting suggestions: Direct seed around the time of the last frost. Thin to 12-18 inches apart. Cut bolting flower heads to extend leaf harvest. Divide and replant every few seasons to keep vital.

Contains at least 100 seeds. Packed for 2016.