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Datura mix: White & La Fleur Lilac – seed packet

Datura mix: White & La Fleur Lilac – seed packet$3.49

(Datura stramonium) Annual in the Nightshade Family, native to the Americas. Also known as Angel’s Trumpets and Jimson Weed. Bat-like plant from 2-6′ tall. This mix features plain white trumpets on green stems, and lavender-throated trumpets on purple stems. Pollinated flowers produce spiky seed pods known as “thorn apples”. All parts of plant are toxic […]

Sorrel, Bloody – seed packet

Sorrel, Bloody – seed packet$2.99

(Rumex sanguineus) Perennial in the Buckwheat Family. Arrowhead-shaped leaves, to 12” tall. Astringent, lemony taste characteristic of plants containing oxalic acid (like chard, spinach). Is high in vitamins A & C and contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, & magnesium. A little goes a long way in a salad, or steamed to dress an entrée. As an ornamental, […]

Hollyhock, Black – seed packet

Hollyhock, Black – seed packet$3.49 Sold Out

(Alcea rosea) Perennial in the Malvaceae Family native to China. Inflorescence grows to 5-7 ft. tall. Black variety is an heirloom dating back to before 1830. Striking flowers are actually a very dark purple, but are very, very goth. Like many plants in Malvaceae, the roots are medicinal, with emollient and laxative properties. Cultivation & harvesting […]

Castor Bean, a.k.a. Palm of Christ – seed packet

Castor Bean, a.k.a. Palm of Christ – seed packet$3.99 Sold Out

(Ricinus communis) Perennial in the Euphorbia Family. Native to a tropical/sub-tropical band from the Eastern Mediterranean to India. Grown as an annual in the frosty North. Tall; can become a small tree. 5-8 ft. high in first year. Dramatic red leaves resembled the nail-pierced hand of Jesus to Medieval Christians. Castor oil is made from the […]

Blessed Thistle – seed packet

Blessed Thistle – seed packet$2.99

(Cnicus benedictus [Apparently has been reclassified as Centaurea benedicta, but we prefer the eccentric “Cnicus”, so we’re sticking with that]) – Annual in the Cynareae (Thistle) Tribe of the Composite (Aster) Family.  Thistle-shaped, fuzzy leaves make a beautiful rosette. Yellow-flowering, on multiple stalks, to two-feet high.  Known medicinally as a galactagogue (promotes breast milk for […]

Lentils, Black Beluga – seed packet

Lentils, Black Beluga – seed packet$2.99

(Lens culinaris) – An heirloom variety of black lentil that gets its name from its resemblance to beluga caviar.  Small in size and keeps color well when cooked. Higher in protein content than black turtle beans. Planting suggestions:  Sow in Spring. A cool season legume crop that finishes in the summer heat. Harvest when pods […]

Fragrant Cloud Nicotiana – seed packet

Fragrant Cloud Nicotiana – seed packet$2.99

(Nicotiana alata) Annual or short-lived perennial from Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. Flowers are white and do not emit fragrance until after nightfall, and when they do, they are perfumey-sweet, making a fragrant cloud indeed! Blossoms can close during the day, even appearing finished, but will open again after the sun sets. Attracts night pollinators such […]

Lavender Cloud Nicotiana – seed packet

Lavender Cloud Nicotiana – seed packet$2.99

(Nicotiana alata) Annual or short-lived perennial. “Lavender Cloud” is our name for what appears to be a variety of Nicotiana alata. Flowers are lavender instead of white, but emit the same “fragrant cloud” of perfumey-sweet scent after dark. Attracts night pollinators such as hawk moths. Flowers continuously until the frost. To five feet high. Planting […]

Datura, La Fleur Lilac – seed packet

Datura, La Fleur Lilac – seed packet$3.99

(Datura tatula) Annual in the Nightshade Family. White trumpet flowers with lavender inside their throats decorate a bat-like plant whose leaves smell of peanut butter. We originally acquired this variety from Onalee’s Seeds. Seedpods are covered in spines, which gave this plant the name “Thorn Apple”. Continuous blooming through frost. Also known as Jimson Weed; […]

Datura, Moonflower – seed packet

Datura, Moonflower – seed packet$3.99

(Datura inoxia) Perennial in the Nightshade Family. Impressive white trumpet flowers, up to 8” across, open at sunset with an intoxicating scent. Attracts night pollinators. Blossoms wilt and die by mid-morning of the next day. Continuous blooming through frost. To overwinter in colder areas, either mulch heavily or transplant into a pot and keep in […]

Popcorn, Dakota Black – seed packet

Popcorn, Dakota Black – seed packet$3.49 Sold Out

(Zea mays) This is an heirloom popcorn that is actually very dark purple.  We grew out this variety for seed in 2011 because we were farming in a frost-pocket and needed something short-season.  In our experience, popcorn matures sooner than other dry corns, and that was the case with this one.  We also got a […]