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Mountainmint, Virginian – seed packet

Mountainmint, Virginian – seed packet$2.99

(Pycnanthemum virginianum) Perennial in the Mint Family, native to Appalachia. Narrow leaves, clusters of white flowers, to 36” tall. “The strongest of mints” with a knock-out flavor and fragrance. We suspect it inspired the first Mint Julep since it is so big and bushy – falling over and blocking paths – during the hottest part […]

Basil, “Mrs. Burns” Lemon – seed packet

Basil, “Mrs. Burns” Lemon – seed packet$2.99

(Ocimum basilicum) Annual in the Mint Family. A beloved heirloom, quite lemony in odor and taste. Used fresh or dried. Try as a tea. Pollinator attractor, like all the Basils. Planting suggestions: Ordinary garden soil is sufficient. Full sun. Start in warm conditions and give 12-18” spacing. Can also be container-grown in 1-gallon or larger […]

Lemon Balm – seed packet

Lemon Balm – seed packet$2.99

(Melissa officinalis) Perennial in the Mint Family, native to Europe. Bushy, 2-3′ high. White flowers loved by bees. Popular as a beverage tea, hot or iced, and as a calming medicinal gentle enough for children. Also tasty and relaxing to smoke. Drought-tolerant once established. Self-sows readily. Planting suggestions: Poor soils acceptable, including heavy clays. Part […]

Shiso, Green – seed packet

Shiso, Green – seed packet$2.99 Sold Out

(Perilla frutescens var. crispa) Annual in the Mint Family native to SE Asia and/or the Chinese & Indian highlands. Foliage toothy-leafed, crinkled, aromatic with faintly tinted purplish-red undersides. To 24” tall. Not commonly known in the U.S.A., but much favored in Japanese cuisine. Unique flavor can only be described as “like Shiso”. Cultivation & harvesting suggestions: […]