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Dandylion – seed packet

Dandylion – seed packet$2.99 Sold Out

(Taraxacum officinales) Perennial in the Aster Family, cosmopolitan in distribution. Rosette of long narrow leaves, 6-18” in radius, with flowering stalks 6-18” tall. One of the single most useful plants on Earth: Edible greens provide food during the late Winter/early Spring hunger-gap; roots are a detoxifier of the liver that make a fine coffee-additive/substitute when […]

Mexican Sunflower – seed packet

Mexican Sunflower – seed packet$2.99 Sold Out

(Tithonia sp.) Annual in the Aster Family, native to Central America & the Caribbean. Fat orange blossoms attract bees. 3-6” tall (shorter the farther North you go). Can be sown one season to control parasitic nematodes the following season. Planting suggestions: Average garden soil sufficient. Full sun. Direct-sow the same time as Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus), […]

Poppy, Red – seed packet

Poppy, Red – seed packet$2.99

(Papaver somniferum) Annual in the Poppy Family, native to Asia. Astoundingly beautiful red blossoms, with nodding buds and upright pods. A Daggawalla favorite. Seeds used in baking, such as muffins, bread, etc. Caution: all parts of the plant contain alkaloids that can trigger in a positive reading on a drug-test for opiate use. Drought-tolerant. Planting […]

Love-in-the-Mist, White – seed packet

Love-in-the-Mist, White – seed packet$2.99

(Nigella sativa) Annual in the Ranunculus Family, native to the South and Southwest Asia. Also known as “Black Cumin”, for its pungent bitter seeds used in various Middle Eastern cuisines. 8-18” tall. Highly ornamental flowers and seedpods. Drought-tolerant once established. Planting suggestions: Average garden soil sufficient; prefers dryish conditions. Full sun to part sun. Direct-sow […]

Daisy, Oxeye – seed packet

Daisy, Oxeye – seed packet$2.99

(Leucanthemum vulgare) Perennial in the Aster Family, native to Western North America. This is the classic daisy, yellow centered and white petaled. Flowers are edible. Young leaves are good in salads. Medicinally, the whole plant is used to treat allergies. Photo on bottom right shows seed harvest; a quick shake separated the seed, duff, and […]

Firewheel Blanketflower – seed packet

Firewheel Blanketflower – seed packet$2.99 Sold Out

(Gaillardia pulchella) Annual or short-lived perennial in the Aster Family, native to the Americas. Popular bedding plant for its bright colors and ease of care. Drought-tolerant. Planting suggestions: Average garden soil is sufficient. Full sun. Direct-sow after the Final Frost, or start inside earlier and transplant out. Space at 12-24”. Dead-head to encourage continued blooming. […]

Coneflower, Purple & White mix – seed packet

Coneflower, Purple & White mix – seed packet$2.99

(Echinacea sp.) Perennial in the Aster Family, native to North America. Blooms second year and thereafter. Grows in clumps that expand steadily over time. 2-5′ tall. This seed set is a mix of purple flowers and white flowers harvested from separate plants that might lead now to blossoms that are a mix of the two. […]

Foxglove, Native – seed packet

Foxglove, Native – seed packet$2.99

(Digitalis purpurea) Biennial in the Figwort Family, native to the Pacific NW. A beautiful rosette of fuzzy, pointed leaves sends up a tall flowering stalk (3-6′) in the second year, covered with purple-magenta flowers. Many cultivars exists in various colors but this is the original native. Used for making the heart medicine, digoxin, but is […]