Barley, Tibetan Purple Hulless


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(Hordeum vulgare) Annual in the Grass Family, native to Asia & Africa. Beautiful purple seeds. A lower-gluten grain. Grows 3-4′ tall. Prominent awns on the lavender spikelets give it a high ornamental value. Tibet was an ancient center of Barley domestication. Easy to grow, harvest and process. We originally acquired this unique variety from Uprising Seeds.

Planting suggestions: Ordinary garden soil is sufficient. Full sun. Like all grasses, will grow big on nitrogen, but too much leads to taller plants that lodge (fall over), making harvest difficult. Sow in early Autumn for an overwintering cover crop if your Winter is mild enough, or wait until early Spring. Harvest when heads have turned brown and are nodding. Thresh & winnow.

Contains at least 35 seeds. Packed for 2016.

See this video Farmer K made this year: