Beans, Violetto Trionfo


A favorite Italian heirloom

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(Phaseolus vulgaris) Vigorous vines produce a plethora of purple pods. This Italian heirloom consistently out-performs other pole beans in terms of production, and is one of the earliest to set. Purple color fades when cooked, a fact that can be used to time blanching for freezing (see photo). Flavor is delicious raw or cooked. Fuscia flowers are also striking.

Planting suggestions: Direct sow when soil is warmed and danger of frost has passed. Trellis, tripod, or other support is required. Thin to 6″ apart if irrigating regularly, 18″ apart if dry farming. For raw eating, harvest when pods are roundish, but before shape of beans becomes too pronounced. For cooking, they can go a little farther, but if you wait too long the podcs become overly-fibrous. For shell beans, though, you can wait until they get totally fat.

At least 25 seeds per packet