Carrots, medley


A colorful mix of delicious carrots adapted for overwintering

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(Daucus carota) We let about half a dozen different varieties of open-pollinated carrots go to seed together. Colors are in a spectrum going from red to white, with orange and yellow between. All are adapted to over-wintering for harvest during the cold months. If you haven’t tasted a carrot dug out of the frozen ground in January, you’ve never really tasted a carrot. So sweet at that time of year–almost candy-like!

Planting suggestions: Direct-sow in late spring or early summer. Keep moist until germination. Some people seed radishes with them since they are quicker and will be done and harvested before the carrots mature. Regular garden soil is sufficient. Some sandiness is optimal. If soil is too rich, big tops will form with roots that are small and “hairy.” Full sun and regular water. Harvest when they’re sized up; leave in ground until winter for best flavor. Will remain palatable until re-growth starts inĀ  the spring; at that point, they will get “woody.” Flowers are white umbels much loved by a wide variety of insects. Leave some for our six-legged friends!

At least 100 seeds per packet.