Watermelons, assorted


A sweet summer time favorite

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(Citrullus lanatus) We planted multiple varieties of Watermelons together in the same patch to allow them to cross with each other. The point was to create a broader genetic pool to re-select from. The varieties were Charleston Grey, Crimson Sweet, Sugar Baby and Mountain Sweet (which is yellow-fleshed). All but Sugar Baby make large melons, 20+ lbs. We expect this batch of seed to produce some a mix of fruits, some true to their parents, some not.

One of our favorite things to do with Watermelons is to dehydrate them. Wait, what? That’s right and here’s how. Also known as “Watermelon jerky” or “Watermelon candy,” it’s an amazingly delicious treat. All that sweetness gets concentrated. And the seeds get crispy and are tasty in their own right.

Another favorite is to make Watermelon juice and freeze it for later enjoyment. Just cut off the rinds and run through a juicer. No need to remove the seeds first either. Watermelon juice is a premiere thirst quencher. Really hits the spot during the first hot days of summer (or spring, depending on how far south you are) and is a premiere thirst quencher. However, it only lasts a couple three days max after juicing or thawing, so consume right away!

Planting suggestions: Direct sow or start in flats as soon as the danger of frost has passed. Melons don’t appreciate transplanting (they don’t like having their roots disturbed), so if starting in pots, we recommend: 1) making newspaper pots and just removing the bottom when setting out, and 2) not waiting any longer than the first set of true leaves.

At least 35 seeds per packet.