After 5 years in retirement from the seed business, we are re-opening for 2021! But only from January through March, and with a limited supply, so order soon if you’re interested! Our old business (2011-2015) was based in Oregon, but now we are in New Mexico, in the Gila River Valley.

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All of our seeds are:

  • GMO-Free – We have never grown GMO varieties, and have not farmed within range of GMO crops that would cross with ours.
  • Open-Pollinated – None of our seeds are hybrids. That means you can grow them out for seed yourself and they will come back true-to-type. Become a seed saver!
  • Organically-Grown – Though not certified, we have always followed the National Organic Program standards. We know that treating ourselves well and treating the earth well go hand-in-hand.
  • Farm-Direct – grown by us, for you, with no middle-men.

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