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Mountainmint, Virginian – seed packet

Mountainmint, Virginian – seed packet$2.99

(Pycnanthemum virginianum) Perennial in the Mint Family, native to Appalachia. Narrow leaves, clusters of white flowers, to 36” tall. “The strongest of mints” with a knock-out flavor and fragrance. We suspect it inspired the first Mint Julep since it is so big and bushy – falling over and blocking paths – during the hottest part […]

Parsley, Flat Leaf – seed packet

Parsley, Flat Leaf – seed packet$2.99 Sold Out

(Petroselinum crispum var. Italica) Biennial in the Umbel Family, native to the Mediterranean. Also known as, “Italian” parsley. Popular. Makes clump of powerfully flavorful greens first year, blooms and sets seeds second year. Seeds are a cooking spice. Roots used in soups. Pollinator attractor. Drought-tolerant once established. Planting suggestions: Regular garden soils sufficient; can tolerate […]

Mullein, Greek – seed packet

Mullein, Greek – seed packet$2.99

(Verbascum olympicum) Triennial in the Figwort Family, native to the Mediterranean. Low-rising rosette of fuzzy, pointed, wavy-edged grey-green leaves spreads out to 24-36” in radius by second year; blooms in third with truly spectacular, many-branched candelabra, 5-8′ tall, covered with hundreds of yellow flowers. Pointy-snouted weevils use as high-rise apartment, to no apparent harm. Medicinally, […]

Mullein, Common – seed packet

Mullein, Common – seed packet$2.99

(Verbascum thapsus) Biennial in the Figwort Family, native to Eurasia. First-year plant a rosette of fuzzy, grey-green leaves, like a bouquet of bunny ears. Second year produces a spike of yellow flowers, 4-6′ tall, in which weevils reside, to no apparent harm. Medicinally, leaf is used for lung health as tea, tincture or smoked. Flowers […]

Cardoon – seed packet

Cardoon – seed packet$2.99 Sold Out

(Cynara cardunculus ) Perennial in the Thistle Tribe of the Aster Family, native to Eurasia. Close relative of the artichoke, which it resembles closely. Clump of giant, white-stalked, grey-green serrated leaves gives rise to tall (5-7 ft) flower stalks topped with striking purple blossoms, beloved of bumble bees. Highly ornamental in a decidedly goth way. […]

Sunflower, Giant – seed packet

Sunflower, Giant – seed packet$3.49 Sold Out

(Helianthus anuum) Annual in the Aster Family, native to the Great Plains of N. America. Generally 5-6 ft. tall, but can get up to 10-12 ft. (or more). Seeds are edible. Leaves are smokeable; have in fact been used as a tobacco additive/adulterant. Cultivation & harvesting suggestions: Sow in Spring, as soil is warming up. The […]

Motherwort – seed packet

Motherwort – seed packet$2.99

(Leonurus cardiaca) Perennial in the Mint Family native to Central Asia. A clump of serrated, palmate leaves sends up flowering stalks, 3-5 ft. tall, with one specimen of ours reaching 10 ft.! This batch of seeds includes those impressive genetics. Purple blossoms turn into bristle-y seed pods. Medicinally, used to alleviate symptoms of menopause, and other […]

Bergamot, Wild – seed packet

Bergamot, Wild – seed packet$2.99

(Monarda fistulosa) Perennial in the Mint Family native to N. America. Also known as “Bee Balm”, though this common name can also refer to any of the 15 other species in the Monarda genus, or to other plants. Lavender flowers emerge from globe-like inflorescences on spikes 2-4 ft. tall. Popular with bees. Scent is strong, almost […]

Horehound – seed packet

Horehound – seed packet$2.99

(Marrubium vulgare) Perennial in the Mint Family native to the Mediterranean. Clumps of fuzzy grey foliage send out flowering stems in all directions, including prostrate. Small white flowers are popular with bees. One of the few plants with a Hebrew-dervied name; “marrob” = “bitter”, which describes the flavor. Medicinally used for lung ailments, and to aid […]

Anise Hyssop – seed packet

Anise Hyssop – seed packet$2.99

(Agastache foeniculum) Perennial in the Mint Family native to N. America. Purple flowers on spikes 2-3 ft. tall. Popular with bees. Medicinally used for lung ailments, fevers, diarrhea. Added to potpourri mixes. Not to be confused with true Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis), native to Asia, though they have similar uses in herbal medicine. Cultivation & harvesting suggestions: Sow […]

Lovage – seed packet

Lovage – seed packet$2.99

(Levisticum officinale)  Perennial herb in the Umbel Family. Lovage has been used by humans for thousands of years.  Although it has been known as a treatment for flatulence and as a diuretic, we got into this herb because Richo Cech of Horizon Herbs says it has been used as a gentler version of Dong Quai […]

Catnip, Official – seed packet

Catnip, Official – seed packet$2.49

(Nepeta cataria) Short-lived hardy perennial in the Mint Family. Beloved by many a cat for its stimulation, and by many a person for its sedative effects. Grey-green, slightly wooly foliage. Spikes of speckled white musky flowers, to five feet high. Planting suggestions: Sow directly in the garden in early Spring, or in flats to transplant. Protect […]

Orach, Ruby – seed packet

Orach, Ruby – seed packet$2.99

(Atriplex hortensis) Annual in the Goosefoot Family. Attractive purplish-red leaves go well in a salad mix. Flavor is slightly astringent, as this plant contains oxalic acid, which should not be over-eaten. Can also be cooked (which destroys the oxalic acid) and take the place of spinach in any recipe. We first discovered this plant when […]