Datura, Moonflower – seed packet – $3.99

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Datura, Moonflower – seed packet

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

(Datura inoxia) Perennial in the Nightshade Family. Impressive white trumpet flowers, up to 8” across, open at sunset with an intoxicating scent. Attracts night pollinators. Blossoms wilt and die by mid-morning of the next day. Continuous blooming through frost. To overwinter in colder areas, either mulch heavily or transplant into a pot and keep in an place that won’t freeze. All parts of the plant are toxic. We do not recommend human consumption. See Erowid for stories.

Planting suggestions: Start inside at least six weeks before final frost date. If you’re also growing other nightshades, such as tomatoes or peppers, start Moonflower at the same time. Pot up as necessary before transplanting out. Give full sun and rich soil (they love manure). Fairly drought-tolerant once established.  They can also be direct-seeded once all danger of frost has passed, and will thrive when the weather heats up.

Contains at least 25 seeds per packet. Packed for 2016.

Additional Details: We will not ship these seeds to any address in the State of Nevada.